NOS 1983 Motorcraft 1.08 2150 E3TE BJA Truck Two Barrel Carburetor

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A new old stock Motorcraft 2150 two barrel carburetor for a 1983 Ford 5.0L (302) V8 truck.  The tag is E3TE-BJA and it is stamped on the left front foot 3TE-BJ.  This is a 1.08 venturi carb with a throttle position sensor and a idle compensator.

Note that this carb has white spray paint and some X's on the front.  I am not sure if these are inspection markings or possibly indicating a defective carb.  Some of these carbs are still available new from parts stores for $600, however in view that this does not come with a warranty and may need rebuilt from age or having some inherent problem its listed here for only $125.